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Media brings us together, yet isolates us at the same time

Media permeates your lives.  Many of you can’t live without your music.  Some of you have developed friendships with people who live far away by playing video games.  You may have met the love of your life via the Internet. (My son did!)   Others can cite television shows or movies that have changed their outlook on life.

Media does bring us together.  Many of us remember where we watched HBO’s Game of Thrones finale in May 2019.  Over 13 million of us watched it live.  Over 19 million watched if you count streaming and replays.

The Big Bang Theory also had its finale in May 2019.  Variety says 18 million of us gathered around the television set to watch.

Media brought us together.  It continues to bring us together.  In fact, I can tell you where I’ll be next February 7th.  You probably know where you’ll be too.  I’ll be at my brother’s house running on the betting games at his Super Bowl party.

Many of you were too young to remember 9-11 with much detail.  But you may remember the feeling generated by the hours of television coverage. Media brought a nation together. Continue reading Media brings us together, yet isolates us at the same time