Love…and media… are all around us

One of my favorite movies is Love Actually. The movie begins with aging rocker, Billy Mack, bastardizing one of his former hits, Love is All Around Us to Christmas is All Around Us.  The idea was to capitalize on holiday sales. In truth, Love is All Around was originally recorded back in the 60s by The Troggs.

The song came to mind as I mulled around what to write for this blog. Love IS all around. But I contend an even more prevalent force surrounding us is media.

According to a report issued by the San Diego Supercomputer Center at USC each of us consume over 15.5 hours of media each day… outside of work. Wow! That’s a lot of media. We’ve developed into a multitasking society where we have a television show on, while using social media on our computers and sending text or Tweets on our smart phones. So, it is possible for a person to consume more than 24 hours of media within a 24 hour period.

So how often during the course of the day do you interact or are you exposed to media? Here’s a rundown of the first 10 minutes of my morning.

  • Woke up to the alarm on my clock radio
  • Reached for my Kindle to use my gmail app to check my email
  • Checked my personal Facebook page and the one for this class
  • Played a couple of rounds of Words with Friends
  • Between rounds, various video and print ads came up on my screen

What about you? Check the homework assignment for details, then post your diary to the Media Diary Discussion Group on Canvas.  

Remember to start your comment with what you found to be the most surprising piece of information you learned about your media consumption.

While I do love your comments to this blog, if you want points for this assignment post your answers to the correct assignment on Canvas.

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